Fondation SUEZ

Fondation SUEZ: Bertrand Camus appointed chairman creation of a COVID-19 emergency fund

Bertrand Camus, SUEZ Group Chief Executive Officer, replace Jean-Louis Chaussade as Chairman of the Group’s foundation. Fondation SUEZ creates a COVID-19 emergency fund to strengthen its support to charitable associations in France and abroad.

Concrete actions supported by Fondation SUEZ to deal with the pandemic :

  • Action contre la Faim which sets up healthcare stations with personal protective equipment and materials for medical personnel and community first responders in Senegal (in the town of Louga).
  • In Haiti, where 60% of households have limited access to soap and water, the foundation supports the NGO Acted. This NGO prevents the spread of the virus by disseminating information about hygiene measures, working to provide access to drinking water and food, and setting up 50 hand-washing stations. In Niger, part of the funds was allocated to help protect inhabitants and teams on the ground.
  • In France, the SAMU Social de Paris combats social isolation among homeless populations and provides food and hygiene resources.
  • The Ordre de Malte France helps to strengthen social marauding.
  • The Ikambere association, located in Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris region), works to find shelter and provide occupational training for highly vulnerable migrant women.
  • Fondation SUEZ also supports the Croix Rouge Insertion in order to help them produce more than 50,000 alternative masks a week and then distribute them to 600 employees in the field, 90% of whom are enrolled in occupational programs.


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