Circular economy

ENGIE and SUEZ partners to boost energy transition in France by developing solar energy

ENGIE and SUEZ commit to boosting the energy transition of French regions through a partnership to develop photovoltaic solar parks in all Recycling & Recovery waste storage facilities in mainland France. In total, about 100 sites are concerned, with an estimated installed capacity of 1 GW.

The SUEZ sites identified for the development of solar energy are mainly waste recycling and treatment facilities, located on large plots of land throughout France. These plants, most of which already produce biogas which is recovered as energy, will soon also generate green electricity from the solar parks designed, built and operated by ENGIE. This ambitious partnership follows the two groups’ strategy to undertake exemplary projects that focus on the energy transition and the circular economy

The potential of the sites concerned, estimated at 1 GW, is equivalent to the capacity of a nuclear reactor and will avoid the production of 27,500 tonnes of CO2 per year, thus contributing significantly to France’s targets in terms of renewable energy development and the fight against climate change. Other forms of recovery are planned for the years to come, such as tapping into the potential of hydrogen

The partnership’s first project – a ground mounted 12 MW plant at the Drambon storage facility in the Côte-d’Or department in eastern France - will be launched in 2018.  

ENGIE currently leads the way in solar and wind power in France with, respectively, 900 MW and 1,800 MW of installed capacity at the end of 2017. The group, a major actor in the energy transition, aims to reach 2.2 GW of functioning solar power and 3 GW of wind power by the end of 2021. ENGIE is also the leading alternative producer of hydroelectricity with 3,820 MW installed at the end of 2017. 

SUEZ, a major player in the circular economy, develops energy recovery solutions in addition to material recovery. In this context, SUEZ produces 620 GWh today with the biogas of its facilities. The group is pursuing its commitment by diversifying its methods of renewable energy production. Its facilities are becoming real energy production plants: biogas, solar, hydrogen.


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