Clarifications on the sustainability mechanism of the French water business of SUEZ

On last September 23, SUEZ has implemented a mechanism to ensure the sustainability of the French Water business of SUEZ and thus to avoid the dismantling of the SUEZ group in light of the threat of Veolia and its allies taking control of SUEZ. This mechanism, fully compliant with the corporate interest of SUEZ and with the interests of its shareholders, remains to date in force.

SUEZ has taken note today of the order of the President of the Nanterre Commercial Court preventing provisorily SUEZ from making this mechanism irrevocable. In its order, the President of the Court took care of calling for the introduction of contradictory debate on short notice.

SUEZ is going to put forward its rights and its arguments as part of this contradictory debate in order to obtain a waiver of this interim measure from the Commercial Court.

SUEZ recalls that the Paris Court of Appeal has confirmed today the suspension of the effects of the purchase of SUEZ shares by Veolia from Engie and of the operation initiated by Veolia as a whole.


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