Bordeaux – Euratlantique, Eiffage and SUEZ inaugurate NOÉ platform, the first platform of shared services between construction sites

Bordeaux – Euratlantique, Eiffage and SUEZ gathered in an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) called « NOÉ platform », have inaugurated on the February 27 in Bordeaux, a new generation logistic platform, as a demonstrator of the sustainable city, which combines innovations and environmental performances, traceability and circular economy. This initiative perfectly matches the new dynamics of "low carbon territory".
The NOÉ platform offers a range of short circuit services pooling assets and transportation. It allows to reduce the impact and the nuisance of the construction sites, to guarantee a fluid, calm and accessible city despite the works.
NOÉ makes numerous services available for construction companies: base camp, meeting rooms, food-truck, parking, human resources center specialized in building trades, worksites waste, excavated earth management and polluted soil, storage and transfer of materials, digital information management platform, etc.
Bringing environmental and economic gains, this innovative solution for a peaceful city can accommodate up to 60 companies by day and manage 5,000 tons of waste a year.