Smart city

Axa and SUEZ partner improve resilience cities, territories and industries against flood risks

AXA and SUEZ agreed on a partnership to improve resilience of cities and territories against flood risks. By joining their competencies, the two groups will propose solutions to communities and industries to help them improve resilience[1], a factor of performance and attractiveness.

Through a global service offer, AXA and SUEZ will provide communities and industries with:

- analysis of vulnerability to any form of flooding (flash flood, marine submersion, rising groundwater level, rupture of hydraulic structures, overflowing),

- solutions to reduce vulnerability for locations and territories through business continuity plans, education and prevention,

- tools for awareness and assistance in crisis management (alert tools, material and human means, etc.).

This service offer combines the complementary know-how of AXA – a market leader in Risk management and insurance solutions for cap corporate companies – and of SUEZ, a leader of the resource management and a reference in forecast, prevention, protection and help in decision-making regarding natural risks and climate change.
[1] In Europe only and from 2002 to 2013, the cost for flooding for the member states is estimated to more than Euro 150 billion, according to « Study on Economic and Social Benefits of Environmental Protection and Resource Efficiency Related to the European Semester » published by the European Commission in February 2014.