Attempt to file a tender offer: a maneuver by Veolia in clear breach of its repeated commitments to amicability

SUEZ has taken note of the press release of Veolia published today announcing its intention to file a tender offer, without the approval of the Board of directors of SUEZ, contrary to its commitments to amicability.

SUEZ comments as follows:

  • Veolia is legally prevented from filing a tender offer due to the commitments they have taken and any such filing would be illegal. In addition, it would be unacceptable from an ethical standpoint.
  • The announcement of Veolia made today constitutes a new major irregularity, as well as a disregard for the French State which has sought to promote an amicable solution, better for the shareholders, employees and all stakeholders of SUEZ.
  • Veolia has also misled the legal authorities in France: their decision rendered on February 3rd relating to the information-consultation of the employees of SUEZ relied on Veolia’s commitment to amicability.

SUEZ will use all its rights to oppose such hostile approach of Veolia and the illegal filing of a tender offer.

Philippe VARIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors declared:


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