Ana Giros Calpe appointed CEO of the Europe - Latin America business unit within the International Division of SUEZ

On October 1st 2015, Ana Giros Calpe will join SUEZ’s International Division as the Chief Executive Officer of the Europe-Latin America business unit.

Ana Giros Calpe will be in charge of the management and the development of all the Group’s Water&Waste activities for municipal and industrial customers in non-EU European countries, in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and in several countries in Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico.

Ana Giros Calpe will also be responsible for developing DBO activities (Design, Build and Operate of water treatment facilities) and Industrial solutions for public authorities and industry in EU countries.

Ana Giros Calpe will join the teams managed by Marie-Ange Debon, Group Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of the International Division, and will become a member of SUEZ’s executive committee.