Smart city

Let’s meet Nicolas, Technical & Marketing Director Smart & Resourceful Cities

Since 2015 Nicolas is Technical and Marketing Director in Smart & Resourceful Cities. He is working in a worldwide scale with public utility and human well-being priorities. He is going to introduce you to his job and his main challenges toward the resourceful-cities.

Generally speaking, circular economy and urban transformation create new jobs. How do you participate into this mutation?

Urban transformation is modifying human consumption, now more oriented to services, uses (shared mobility) than products (a car). A company like SUEZ listens to that evolution and thinks about its positioning – and so – thinks about its jobs.

My mission as Technical and Marketing Director of Smart & Resourceful Cities is to construct and spread this positioning. We have to anticipate tomorrow’s uses to make them possible and accessible for the citizens. It includes that SUEZ creates inside the group new jobs opportunities, new skills. We need to go forward and beyond our traditional activities as provider of services, applications developers with knowledge of the city (thanks to Data Scientist) by relying on our infrastructures and possibilities.

As a reminder, a resourceful city is a place of living made by its citizens, following a dynamic of exchange and progress. According to yourself, how to thrive the development of resourceful cities at a citizen scale?

I think that the only way is to share between all stakeholders – citizens, NGO, elected representatives – in one hand a common collective ambition of a better life together but also on a second hand the issues (resilience, sustainability) that are challenging the city of tomorrow.

How do you imagine the ideal resourceful-city? What project inspires you the most?

Our challenge is to transmit to our children sustainable place of living with high quality of life for every citizen. The most inspiring project? It is hard to say, there are so many projects that inspire me… but the most important thing for me is to build a city answering this challenge in respect with environment & resources.