Smart city

Interested in innovation? Maria is going to tell you more about her job

Based in Barcelona, Maria faces everyday the resource’s challenges and especially with water. Her main challenge is to warrantee resource’s access for each citizens.She is a builder of the resourceful-city. We have asked her few questions in order to understand what her job is based on and how resourceful-city represents a cornerstone in her missions.

How do you participate to the resourceful cities creation?

We understand innovation as a tool that helps us to design and develop initiatives that allow us to achieve the commitments of Sustainable Development of the company. In this way, we take advantage of all knowledge we have at home, but also incorporate the citizens into our value chain. Therefore Open Innovation is for us one of the relevant keys for a Resourceful City.

We are convinced that we must innovate: with responsibility for the future, using technology to create a more sustainable world for society. We must contribute to the sustainability of our environment, in a responsible way, and we want to do it including everyone, taking into account our stakeholders.

What is your biggest pride in your everyday job/mission?

One of our greatest challenges is giving everybody the opportunity to participate. For the organization it is vital to have communicative vessels in all instances of the company. It will permeates all our collaborators. The goal is not for everyone to get involved and participate, but for everyone to have at least the possibility of doing so, whenever they want. We are aware that when we talk about innovation, the difficulty is that it refers to tomorrow, the important things, while most people work in today.

What may seem a clear ambiguity, we must transform it into an opportunity and to learn to live with these two realities, an efficient company in continuous search of excellence, but at the same time, an entrepreneurial, innovative, agile and flexible organization.

Every time, we achieve this balance, and this coexistence, it is a source of great pride!

What kind of new skills have you developed in order to answer the changing challenges?

Mainly active listening and open-minded thinking, to be able to imagine the reality and the future in different ways.