Winner of the 2016 Best Shareholder Relations Awards

At the 2016 Best Shareholder Relations Awards organized by Le REVENU, SUEZ has been widely rewarded. The Group won again two Awards in the SBF 120 Companies category:

  • Gold for best Shareholder Relations,
  • Gold for best Shareholder Services.

These Awards recognise the most praiseworthy companies in the SBF 120 Index based on three major annual surveys conducted by LE REVENU (best services to shareholders, the Shareholders' Meeting favourites, and best websites). They follow upon many Awards gained also by the Group in 2014 and in 2015.

With this distinction, this major monthly investment magazine and its panel recognise again the quality of SUEZ’s relations with its individual shareholders.

Since its IPO on the Paris stock exchange in 2008, SUEZ has always shown itself particularly attentive to maintaining strong dialogue with its individual shareholders. To this end, the Group has set up a comprehensive communication system, mainly through:

  • Regular information and Q&A meetings with Senior Management;
  • A very active Shareholders’ Club that puts on around 40 events in France, Belgium and Luxembourg for its 13,000 members;
  • Educational information about its business activities, expertizes, commitments and results;
  • The development of digital communication that adheres to best practices;
  • Regular consultations on shareholders’ expectations (consultative panels, web-based surveys).