Winner of the Golden Palms of the Young Shareholders

During the ANSA (“Association Nationale des Sociétés par Actions”) Colloquium which held last June 14th at the Palais Brongniart on the matter “Shareholding in France : let us act immediately for the growth”,  SUEZ received the Pedagogy Palm awarded by the F2iC (“Fédération des investisseurs individuels et des clubs d’investissement”) and l’EDHEC business school.

The Golden Palms of the Young Shareholders, awarded by an EDHEC students jury, have for object to measure the attraction power of the CAC40 and Next20 companies on a public of young shareholders and future shareholders on the basis of at the same time quantitative and qualitative criteria.

This award takes on a quite particular importance for the SUEZ Relations Shareholders because it rewards the efforts undertaken to renew and make younger the individual shareholding of the Group.

Since its IPO on the Paris stock exchange in 2008, SUEZ has always shown itself particularly attentive to maintaining strong dialogue with its individual shareholders. To this end, the Group has set up a comprehensive communication system, mainly through:

  • regular information and Q&A meetings with Senior Management;
  • a very active Shareholders’ Club that puts on numerous events in France and Belgium for its 13,500 members;
  • educational information about its business activities, commitments and results;
  • the development of digital communication that adheres to best practices;
  • regular consultations on shareholders’ expectations (consultative panels, web-based surveys).

To find out more about the winners of the Golden Palms of the Young Shareholders organised by the F2iC et EDHEC (in French only).