Innovation, driving force for the preservation of water resources

Securing water resources will be one of the main challenges of the 21st century. With the continued population growth, urbanization and growing water scarcity because of climate change, a radically different management approach to water resources is required. In this new management approach, water is no longer considered an infinite resource that will continually be replaced, but as a scarce resource that must be preserved, protected, regenerated and secured.

A sustainable management of water operated within the cities will be the solution to be able to meet today’s agricultural, industrial and domestic usages. Overcoming environmental challenges requires collective mobilization. Overall actors like governments, local authorities, operators and users need to work together to manage resources more efficiently.

As a key player in the water management business on five continents, SUEZ is mobilized in the search for innovative solutions at every stage in the water cycle.

Singapore International Water Week : a key date for the future of water

From 10 to 14 July 2016, the major players of the water industry meet at the 7th edition of the Singapore International Water Week. SUEZ, as a partner of this key initiative, is present to discuss the future of the water management water and to present concrete solutions.

This global event brings together companies, members of governments, international organizations, academics and scientists to share and co-create innovative solutions for water management.

The SIWW allows discussions on upcoming challenges, exposes the latest technological advances and find new business opportunities and partnerships.

Program includes a Leaders Summit by the water industry, a convention and conferences on water, and forums for business opportunities.

During the event, the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize rewards the contributions made by a player or organizations to overcome global problems of water towards humanity benefits.

Asia, land of innovation for SUEZ

With over 180 water treatment plant, SUEZ world leader of the resource, allows access to drinking water to more than 20 million people in South East Asia. The group is present on the continent for more than 60 years in Indonesia, the Viet Nam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Singapore.

In 2015, SUEZ has chosen Singapore as a hub of regional development with the opening of a, innovation centre, composed of 15 researchers and engineers, who will support the development of projects in Singapore through innovation. This centre has a triple vocation: sharing expertise, developing technologies dedicated to the water resources protection, and raising awareness of populations for the preservation of this resource.


Moreover, the Group strengthened its commitment by working with Singapore Public Utilities Board on three research projects in Smart Water technologies to contribute to the sustainable management of resources by:

  • Bringing awareness to users for their water consumption in real time through the remote meters reading
  • a software for dynamic management of stormwater in order to avoid the risk of floods thanks to  Aquadvanced Urban Drainage
  • a waste water treatment more energy efficient by reducing the production of energy from sewage sludge

Optimising the performance of sewer, a challenge for local authorities

Rising urbanisation and the increase of impermeable surfaces in urban areas have reduced the natural infiltration of stormwater into the soil to 15%. The remaining 85% flows on the surface, collecting the residues deposited on roofs and roads (fuel, heavy metals, plastics, etc.).

Local authorities are faced with the challenge of collecting these polluted waters in the sewerage networks, and of treating them later into wastewater treatment plants to reduce the risks of severe flooding, human and material damage and pollution of the natural ecosystem. Stormwater is responsible for 50% of the pollution flowing into rivers and beaches in urban areas.

Using innovation to optimize the performance of sewer & stormwater networks and preserve the natural environment

In response to these challenges, SUEZ is launching AQUADVANCED Urban Drainage during the Singapore International Water Week, where it is currently being deployed, AQUADVANCED Urban Drainage has been already introduced in eight European cities, including Bordeaux, the Paris conurbation, Marseille and Barcelona.


AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage provides a global, real-time vision of the complete system. It anticipates the risk of untreated wastewater overflowing into the natural ecosystem, monitors the quality of discharge on a daily basis and helps to protect the environment. Deploying this system can cut the volumes of stormwater that flow into rivers or the sea by up to 45%.