Innovation trophies 2017

Each year, SUEZ organizes an internal competition to reward its employees’ innovation capacity. On June 27th, at the Innovation Trophies ceremony, the Group put 30 teams under the spotlights for their innovative projects dedicated to the resource and digital revolution.

Innovation Trophies ceremony, 27 June 2017

An innovation tool associated with a not-to-be-missed event

In order to prepare for its future and meet the dual challenge of the resource and digital revolution, the Group benefits from a key asset with its employees and their capacity for innovation.

Innovation, far from being limited to research and technology, is expressed at all levels and in all geographical areas. Today, SUEZ not only innovates in the fields of water management, recycling and recovery, cities and the circular economy, but also in the efficiency of business processes, business models or contracts, marketing, communication, human resources, safety and many other areas.

In direct contact with a rapidly changing world, innovation is broadly open and feeds on the reality in the field, exchanges with our customers and stakeholders, partnerships with academics, companies and startups.

Over the years, the Innovation Trophies have become an important event in the life of the Group, because they reward and promote innovative teams, but also because they are an effective vehicle for sharing our culture of innovation.

The growing number of files received this year illustrates this great dynamic and the commitment of our employees.

One ceremony, 6 categories and 30 projects rewarded

Innovative products and services – Municipal market

Grand Prize (co-winners):
· AQUADVANCED®Urban Drainage - getting ahead of bad weather in tropical climates
· UCD® AERO-G: producing drinking water simply, flexibly and affordably
· A river waste collection center in the heart of the city
· Servisio innovation in the service of customers
· Aquasource® XS ultra-smart ultrafiltration

Innovative products and services – Industrial markets

Grand Prize:
· Ozonia® M - an innovation for the industrial wastewater treatment
· EDO: what if outsourcing wasn’t the only solution?
· Artificial wetlands created by SUEZ in China
· HardCOD platform - a one-stop shop for overcoming recalcitrant organic compounds

Technical issues & Industrial performance

Grand Prize:
· Optibio 2 - ultra-screening for high-quality compost
Special Prize:
· Staedtler the "Resource Revolution Platform"
· Prévoir’Inventaire - an extremely effective integrated asset management tool
· Intel’Eau artificial intelligence in the service of performance
· GALIA places sewer systems under close watch

Green and smart cities, climate change

Grand Prize (co-winners):
· ON’connect what if cities started talking to objects?
· Social innovation working for the circular economy
· Mexico City fighting water stress
· WeChat next-generation customer service

Management, human resources, health and safety

Grand Prize:
· Lean management to produce more SRF
Safety Grand Prize:
· Just culture in participatory mode
Special Prize:
· LEAD, be unbeatable on industrial solutions!
· Lean management to improve EfW plants performances
· What could be better than a guardian angel to ensure safety?
· The “5 Ms” Five questions to stay safe!
· PRISM 2017 innovation in the service of change

New business models – Ground-breaking innovation

Grand Prize:
· Master AD - Molecular biology to the rescue for biogas production
· Osmosun makes desalination affordable for islands
· Today, the sun is making seawater into drinking water
· NEOTER - a new concept for recovering polluted soil
· Smart Truck - an intelligent truck serving cities