Fondation SUEZ

In 2016, we intensified our commitment to social integration and access to essential services

The Fonds SUEZ initiatives supported new projects, with new partners: SOS Sahel, MSF, Emmaüs, the Institut de l’Engagement, the Péniche du Coeur and UNICEF.

The year 2016 was also marked by emergency projects. "We supported more emergency projects this year, which unfortunately reflects an increasingly critical situation in many parts of the world," says Myriam Bincaille, Managing Director of the Fonds SUEZ initiatives. “A situation marked by increased conflict and climate deregulation."

In 2016, the Fonds SUEZ responded to a call from Médecins Sans Frontières to fight famine in northeast Nigeria, and from the Bangladeshi NGO Friendship during the floods that left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and without access to safe drinking water. "Also, at the end of 2016, the battle of Mosul in Iraq caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Several NGOs had been expecting this situation, including Action Against Hunger, and so we came forward."

Applications on the rise and a rigorous selection process 

The Fonds also teamed up with the Orange Foundation to support projects for access to essential services. "There are multiple issues at stake. We have to come up with common solutions for a more effective result in the context of more integrated projects."

In 2016, the Fonds SUEZ initiatives received nearly 400 requests for support. 37 projects were reviewed by expert Group evaluators, and 26 were selected by the fund's Board of Directors. "The increasing number of applications demonstrates the role of the Fonds SUEZ initiatives in development and humanitarian aid and social integration," underlines Myriam Bincaille. “It also demonstrates a very rigorous selection process according to specific criteria, i.e. sustainable results and the empowerment of populations, who are stakeholders in the projects."