Global climate change summit open to all!

Launched during COP21, Climate Chance aims to become the major annual event that brings together all international non-state players who are committed to fighting climate change. Local authorities, businesses (particularly SUEZ), associations, scientists and citizens are invited to attend this summit, which for its first year will be hosted by Nantes Métropole from 26 to 28 September 2016.

Held a few months after the Paris Agreement, this summit will be an opportunity to assess the pledges made by States, to plan future work, and to discuss the major emerging actions against climate change.

Plenary sessions, forums and workshops with key international figures in the fight against climate change will allow us to take a closer look at crucial issues, such as the indissoluble link between climate and development, the new sustainable city framework, the mobilisation of local actors and economic stakeholders, etc.

For the first Climate Chance event, SUEZ will make 5 contributions:

  • September 26, from 1.30pm to 3pm: workshop Farming and the preservation of resources
    Intervention of Emmanuelle Oppeneau (Expert environnement–Water France) and Vincent Ancelin (Responsible for regional development–Water France)
  • September 26, from 5pm to 7pm: forum Circular economy as an opportunity to address climate change
    Intervention of Jean-Pierre Maugendre (Sustainable development projects director–SUEZ)
  • September 27, from 1pm to 3pm: forum Water: a connector for fighting against climate change
    Intervention of Hélène Valade (Director of Sustainable Development–SUEZ)
  • September 28, from 9am to 11am: plenary session On the road to Habitat III, which place for non-state actors’ proposals?
    Intervention of Jean-Louis Chaussade (Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ)
  • September 28, from 9am to 10.30am: workshop The co-benefits of territorial-scale climate action
    Intervention of Hélène Valade (Director of Sustainable Development–SUEZ)

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