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Fonds SUEZ initiatives signs two partnerships to develop joint responses for access to essential services

On 16 May, Fonds SUEZ initiatives signed a partnership with the La Guilde NGO, which hosts the Agence Micro-Projets

Micro-projects are strictly local actions that take account of local specifics and call on local driving forces. Micro-projects are small in operational and financial terms, and can test innovative solutions to support development more easily. With these characteristics in mind, Fonds SUEZ initiatives and La Guilde decided to join forces and to sign up to the AMP’s micro-projects platform.

With the support of the French development agency (AFD), the AMP funds around one hundred international socially responsible micro-projects each year, allocating donations of between €2,000 and €15,000 per project. 

The partnership covers micro-projects that will be co-financed by the two organisations.

On 29 March, Fonds SUEZ initiatives also entered a partnership with Fondation Orange to set up the “Programme Villages”

At the initiative of Fondation Orange, these villages will be equipped with three types of infrastructures, offering access to education, healthcare and water. The synergies between the two organisations will be harnessed to take actions with NGOs in the field, with the support and contribution of Fonds SUEZ initiatives, in terms of funding and skills, to improve access to essential services, such as water, sanitation and waste treatment.

The actions of Fonds SUEZ initiatives are guided by long-term results that durably improve the living conditions of the stakeholder populations and their self-sufficiency.

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