Smart city

Do you want to join the future of the city?

What if you can participate to the circular economy in order to reuse, consume less and greener? Let’s SUEZ introduce you to the resourceful-cities…

Did you know that: nowadays, more than 50% of the worldwide population live in a city?  And 60% of the World’s population will live in 600 major cities in 2030.

We have to re-think our entire cities model (consumption and mobility) to maintain high quality of life for each citizen. To sustain resources, cities must warrantee access to efficient services.

Some cities are smarter, others are more environmentally friendly and even more resilient. What if cities could be all of them at once? And what if cities could have the resources they need to satisfy the expectations of their inhabitants, and could attract new ones?

SUEZ is already acting for the resource revolution.

To assist this challenge, partnering and collaborating with every stakeholder are essential. That is why, SUEZ wants to introduce you to the resourceful-city and to explain you how it works and how every citizen can contribute to it. We have a lot of new services to offer and we can make the citizens actors of this change by a collaborative approach.

As an urban solutions integrator, we work alongside partners and communities to secure cities’ resources and capital, namely their air, water, waste transformed into secondary raw materials, energy... In other words, everything that makes them attractive.