Discover the winners of our Instagram photo contest

The international photo contest launched by SUEZ on the occasion of World Water Day is over. Discover the 5 winners!

SUEZ launched on March 21st an international photo contest, on the occasion of World Water Day, to raise public awareness of water resource issues and the need to preserve them. We thank the 1257 persons who took part to this contest.

Selection criteria

The photos were initially selected according to their relevance to the commitments of SUEZ. It was a matter of showing in everyday scenes how valuable water resources are to the people and the environment.

10 photos were pre-selected and published on our Instagram account. The winning photos are the ones that have the highest number of likes. Their authors have won a camera.

The winners are

 beckyborges    clementevb






 the_rahul_sachdeo_g.s._    anapadillaphoto    khushi_028


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