Fondation SUEZ

2018 SUEZ-Institut de France Awards: a Moroccan association and Franco-Ivorian start-ups’ duo rewarded

The SUEZ-Institut de France Awards’ ceremony was held on Tuesday, July 3rd 2018 in the Institut de France’s premises; the Institut de France being a partner of the Fondation SUEZ in the organization of the Prize. The winning projects received an endowment of € 50,000 each.

This year, the winners are:

Since 2009, the Institut de France and Fondation SUEZ have been organizing the SUEZ-Institut de France Awards. These awards recognize projects and open innovations that promote access to essential services - water, sanitation and waste management - in developing countries. The winning projects are intended to be broadcast and replicated, and the Prize is a real lever for scaling up.

The SUEZ - Institut de France Awards enabled 12 projects to scale up and expand: for example, GreenBio Energy, winner of the 2012 Social Entrepreneurship Award, was able to put its pilot project of recycled briquettes on a substantial scale: 270 000 Ugandans were positively impacted by the project between 2012 and 2018, with more than 20 000 dollars saved for their homes, 2000 tons of briquettes produced through 1880 tons of recovered waste, and thus 1 300 000 trees saved for the creation of energy.

Sanergy, laureate of the same edition in 2014, was able to change the business model of its latrine sales to families: from now on, the latrines are integrated into housing through the owners, who include the service price in the rent: 148,000 people are expected to be affected in 2 provinces of Kenya by 2019.

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