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[Dossier] Journeys to the countries of the new resource with Erik Orsenna

22 April is World Earth Day. SUEZ have taken this opportunity to invite you to discover the circular economy and to see how waste can become a resource. Your newspaper, your car and even your mattress can all live a second life. Are you ready?

Erik Orsenna relates his “21 journeys to the countries of the new resource”


Between July 2015 and March 2017, Erik Orsenna, travel writer and economist, made 21 trips to SUEZ Group sites in France, Benelux, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Morocco.

He met with men and women who are committed to new methods of resource management and to the circular economy. A tour of sites where waste becomes a resource and where men and women imagine a more sustainable future day after day.

21 trips that spawned 21 fascinating tales, illustrated by Thomas Vieille, on the recovery and recycling of waste at SUEZ to produce new resources.

Economist and travel writer, Erik Orsenna, recounts his experience and travels at SUEZ’s invitation.
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SUEZ and Érik Orsenna: 21 journeys to the countries of the new resource

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“24h for a resourceful future”: a digital experience inspired by Erik Orsenna’s articles

And what if every day were World Earth Day? Every single commonplace object, from the bread you eat, to the mattress on your bed and the car you drive, conceals (new) resources.

Waste recovery and a new life for materials... The site “24 hours for a resourceful future” invites you to discover a new way of managing resources in the age of the circular economy.

An experience inspired by Erik Orsenna’s “21 voyages to the lands of new resources”.

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Perspectives on the circular economy: Erik Orsenna and Jean-Marc Boursier

Erik Orsenna, economist and travel writer, and Jean-Marc Boursier, Group Deputy CEO for the Recycling and Recovery business in Europe, discuss their vision and their experiences of the circular economy.

In these three first interviews, they address three central themes of the resource revolution: the issue of plastics,  how waste-to-energy solution will help to create a low-carbon world and the new geography of the resource.

The challenges of plastic
Recovering energy to serve a low-carbon world
A new geography of the resource

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