Re-use decontaminated water

In order to assist local authorities with their resource management policies, SUEZ offers numerous technical solutions for reusing purified wastewater. Avoiding discharges whilst increasing available resources at a lower cost is one of the key advantages of wastewater reuse, especially in regions affected by water shortages and drought. 

Reduce stress on the ressource

We make it possible to reuse decontaminated water, which reduces direct use of virgin resources and preserves them for human consumption.

Reuse wastewater for a variety of new purposes 

Of the 165 billion m3 of wastewater collected and processed annually throughout the world, only 2% are reused at present. The treatments we propose enable the reuse of wastewater for various non-domestic purposes.

  • Irrigation of agricultural land
  • Urban watering and cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning and process water
  • Recharging water tables

Recycle water through highly-developed treatments 

We use tried and tested techniques to recycle wastewater while preventing the discharge of polluting agents. Innovative processes produce treated water of sufficiently high quality to enable its reuse:

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Membrane filtration