10 R&D centres of excellence in France and Asia

We offer 10 research centres of excellence in France and Asia to help address current and future challenges in terms of water and waste management. These are the driving force behind our innovation.

CIRSEE: the International Water and Environmental Research Centre

The Paris-based International Water and Environmental Research Centre or CIRSEE (Centre International de Recherche Sur l'Eau et l’Environnement) develops future-led solutions in the areas of drinking water production, wastewater treatment, waste recycling, management of public health and environmental risks, and data analysis

CIRSEE has 120 researchers, engineers and experts across three sites (Le Pecq, Croissy, Narbonne) and seven research platforms:

  • physicochemical treatment for drinking water production (TREATlab)
  • biological processes for wastewater treatment (BIOPROCESSlab)
  • plastics from recycled products (PLASTlab)
  • ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes (MEMlab)
  • sensors and measurement solutions (SENSORlab)
  • organic waste recovery (BIORESOURCElab)
  • water chemistry and materials for distribution networks (PIPElab)
  • As well as a cross-disciplinary team dedicated to health and environmental issues and three state-of-the-art water, materials and biology analysis laboratories.
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Le Pecq - Croissy - Narbonne

technological platforms


Le LyRE innovates to optimise water management and limit the impact of cities on their environment.

Located on the Bordeaux University campus, our research centre of excellence initiates, supports and coordinates research projects involving universities, businesses and public or private sector bodies.

We also have a Le Lyre centre specialising in human, social and behavioural science (sociology, behavioural economics, social psychology, etc.). The aim is to understand users and their expectations, find out what they know – about the water cycle or the issues associated with recycling – and identify practices to achieve change.

Singapore Research Centre

The Singapore Research Centre, the result of an agreement between Singapore's National Water Agency PUB (Public Utilities Board) and SUEZ, develops innovative and resilient rainwater management and data science solutions.

Chongqing Sino-French Environmental Research and R&D Centre

The Chongqing Sino-French Environmental Research and R&D Centre works on environmental solutions in the areas of facilities operation and maintenance, process optimisation and testing new technologies.

Our network of experts

We aim to innovate for the environment while also responding to your needs. This is done with the support of our in-house network of 1,100 experts, 400 researchers and 45 data scientists, who work daily at our 10 research centres to build a more sustainable future with you and for you.

At SUEZ, our technical experts play a key role in resolving complex issues concerning areas related to water and waste management, as well as cross-discipline activities such as health, carbon and data. Their in-depth expertise enables them to develop innovative long-term solutions to address the main issues of our time.

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> 1,700


We currently hold over 1,700 patents, including in particular:

  • Remote meters, allowing for accurate monitoring of consumption and optimising water use at the level of public networks.
  • Les Degrés Bleus, an innovative process that recovers heat from wastewater to produce renewable green energy that can be used for heating and air conditioning in buildings.
  • AUTODIAG, a smart camera able to recognise different materials in waste sorting.

Meeting your needs as closely as possible

Thanks to their high level of technical expertise, our experts not only develop innovative and resilient solutions tailored to your needs, but are also available to train your staff and pass on their know-how. They are dedicated to continually improving in their areas of expertise in order to serve you more effectively.

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