Implementing virtuous and sustainable desalination facilities

SUEZ builds, equips and operates made-to-measure desalination facilities.


Each facility is designed as a unique and original solution to individual problems, but they all share the same quest for economic and environmental performance through the use of high-precision technologies.

Design and build that rise to your challenges

SUEZ can call on its expertise as a constructor-operator to offer competitive solutions that are designed and built to meet your particular needs and for each type of water to be treated.


Perfectly designed desalination facilities

  • Desalination facilities that produce drinking water, irrigation water or process water from sea water or brackish water,
  • Standardised small or large facilities,
  • Containerised modules with an aggregate capacity adapted to the required production volumes.

Packaged equipment and technologies

  • To boost the performance of the reverse osmosis and the pretreatment, according to the degree of salinity and the concentration of organic matter.
  • To design modular, compact facilities that can come onstream quickly and are easy to operate.

Adapted operation and service solutions

  • Day-to-day supervision,
  • Optimisation of all the facilities in the desalination plant: pretreatment, energy consumption, membrane washing, etc.
  • Personalised services: supply of spares, refurbishment, staff training, etc.


Seawater desalination plants

SUEZ can supply desalination plants built to meet your needs and according to the type of water to be treated. These plants use innovative technologies that optimise the processes, cut operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

Reverse osmosis desalination plant

Boosting economic performance by anticipating and innovating

SUEZ guarantees the competitive performance of your desalination facilities by proposing breakthrough technologies, high quality solutions and optimised deployment cycles.

  • Solutions that are original from the technological perspective, but also in terms of the financing, the contracts and the logistics, all with a view to cutting your investment costs,
  • Short deployment cycles that bring your high-performance and reliable desalination plants or units onstream quickly. Examples include the plant in Melbourne, with a capacity of 450,000 m3 per day, that was built in 37 months.
  • Technologies in the forefront of innovation that optimise processes and cut operating costs,
  • Operating support tools that secure the production of fresh water and continually optimise operating costs,
  • Partnerships that jointly manage water and sanitation services, with a view to optimising costs and limiting ecological footprints.

Limited environmental footprints

SUEZ’s desalination facilities use high-technology processes to optimise their energy consumption and to protect the environment:

  • Equipment selected for its energy efficiency,
  • Energy recovery systems that reduce overall consumption,
  • Desalination facilities powered by wind and photovoltaic energy,
  • Innovative treatment of brine prior to dispersion or transfer to wastewater treatment plants,
  • Original solutions to protect the land and marine flora and fauna, in particular in terms of water catchment and the dispersion of brine.

50 years of innovation in desalination

As a pioneer of reverse osmosis desalination technology, SUEZ has been designing and developing innovative technologies since 1969 to optimise processes and to reduce operating costs and environmental impacts in order to produce drinking water from salt water in an ecological and sustainable manner.

Intense R&D activity

SUEZ anticipates future needs and continues to optimise its existing systems in order to develop new treatment solutions, new diaphragms or new alternative forms of energy.


Today, these technological advances enable SUEZ to optimise both the capital outlay and the operating costs:

  • Tools to simulate the operation of the desalination plant in order to test and configure automatic control systems in advance for faster commissioning,
  • Ranges of standardised components that are immediately operational for faster construction and lower investment costs,
  • Tools that model optimisation options to increase the efficiency of the reverse osmosis facilities, with a view to continually improving economic and environmental performance.

Creating value through partnerships

SUEZ will be by your side, from the design phase, to funding and operations, in order to guarantee the long-term performance of your desalination facilities, in terms of volume and the quality of the treated water.

Responsible support at every stage of the project

Under the terms of BOT contracts (Build, Operate, Transfer),

SUEZ commits to the success of your project in the long term. It provides you with its expertise in:

  • Design,
  • Construction,
  • Operation and maintenance,
  • Financial arrangements.

From the design phase to the operation of the plant or the transfer of the facility, SUEZ offers sustainable service partnerships:

  • Taking charge of the necessary funding,
  • Definition of the legal framework of the project,
  • Securing the successful completion of the project by teaming up with partners selected for their technical or financial added value, their specific know-how or their local knowledge.

Products and services delivering technical and economic solutions adapted to your needs

Seadaf ™ - A compact clarification solution

This compact clarification solution by fast flotation of salt water replaces the first filter stage. It is well adapted to water subject to occasional peaks of suspended solids and algal bloom.

Seaclean™ - A pretreatment that improves the performance of reverse osmosis

This pretreatment technology that uses dual-media filtration (anthracite and sand) is well suited to desalination plants of all sizes. It improves the performance of the reverse osmosis, increases the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membranes, reduces the need for washing equipment and cuts water losses.

Ultramarine™ Smartrack™ - A universal rack for interchangeable ultrafiltration modules

This metal rack can receive different brands of ultrafiltration membrane modules for pretreatment. It is an industry-standard system that shortens deployment cycles and reduces the cost of replacing the membranes.