Our solutions

Help consumers control their consumption

We act in close cooperation with consumers to raise their awareness to the issues of preserving natural water resources and to enable them to manage their water use responsibly. 

  • Informative actions about good water use practices (water bars, water classes, water houses, visits to facilities, etc.) attended by several hundred thousand consumers each year
  • Informative actions on sanitation and economic issues (tap water is on average 100 to 200 times less expensive than bottled water) along with environmental questions
  • Introduction of remote meter reading to enable better real-time management of consumption with the possibility of consumer alerts in the event of excess consumption, which will often reveal leaks

Support agriculture and industry in achieving sustaible development

For several years we have innovated to aid farmers and industrial companies to preserve water in order to secure the productivity and profitability of their activities. 

  • Reuse of treated wastewater and sludge from decontaminated water
  • Development of resource-efficient solutions such as RegControl®, a smart irrigation technology to aid farmers to optimise their water consumption while increasing their production

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