Reduce expenditure as well as optimising your assets and related investments

Our solutions help you reduce your operational expenditure. We also develop smart solutions to extend the lifespan of your network and encourage responsible operation and maintenance to optimise existing network performance.

Reduce your operational expenditure

We promote sustainable operation and maintenance, combined with innovative smart management tools, enabling you to control your expenses:
  • Deploy innovative predictive and preventive maintenance acrossf your equipment, to improve performance, reduce costs, and avoid the risk of failure
  • Optimise your resources with Galia, a cutting-edge solution for the operation and maintenance of sewerage systems, enabling network interventions to be prioritised

Extend the lifespan of your network, through optimised operations and proactive maintenance

We develop smart solutions for a dynamic network management. You can thus optimise your operations and anticipate issues through proactive maintenance:
  • Turn your system into an active infrastructure, powered by our decision-support tool AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage
  • Choose the right materials and equipment to renew your network and extend its lifespan
  • Prioritise interventions on your network, to limit costs and investments while improving your facilities’ lifespan 
  • Benefit from innovative inspection and cleaning solutions adapted to your network’s needs
  • Combat intrusions of infiltration water into your sanitation network with the SewerBall
  • Manage inflow and infiltration volumes by implementing the right design, construction and repair processes
  • Set up inflow/infiltration zoning and deploy a multi-annual action plan, to better manage assets and connections

Minimise the construction of additional infrastructure

We encourage responsible operation and maintenance to optimise existing network performance, and thus limit the need to build new infrastructure:
  • Maximise the storage capacity of your network, to reduce investment
  • Choose the equipment and techniques best suited to your network renewal

Smart sewerage system management - AQUADVANCED URBAN DRAINAGE - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

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