The SUEZ's commitment to local territories assumes many different guises and today delivers two forms of innovation, in both technical and contractual terms. SUEZ supports city and municipal authorities in their issues of urban development and attractiveness, but also through new models of governance.
Ressourceful cities
Sustainable & smart city

Shaping the city of tomorrow

The health crisis has had a huge impact on cities, calling into question the urban models that have been implemented until now. The impacts of global warming, already being felt, are also affecting our lifestyles. New needs and new usages are emerging and these must be addressed to maintain quality of life in the city, in a context of limited public finance.
As a long-standing partner of cities of all sizes, SUEZ builds intelligent solutions to respond to these challenges, collaborating with public authorities and regions to make them more resilient.
Water resources management
Water management

When smart water knows no borders

We will not be able to rise to the water resource challenge without a radical change in the management of such resources. This need is all the more pressing in countries where reserves are limited and subject to high demographic pressure...
Recycling and waste recovery
Recovery and waste management

Making waste management increasingly smarter

We are increasingly making use of new technologies to meet the needs of its customers in the waste recycling and recovery sector...