Sebastien Delamarche

The construction industry is at the core of environmental issues: resource scarcity, climate change and remediation. SUEZ helps its clients to sustainably transform to become key players in the circular economy.

Sébastien DELAMARCHE-Global Construction, Decommissioning and Materials Market Director, SUEZ

Your challenges

Making the ecological transition a driver of economic and environmental performance

The urban and industrial landscape is ever-evolving and construction projects are now subject to a variety of challenges. These challenges include resource scarcity, selecting environmentally friendly materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, raising public expectations concerning quality of life and adhering to new regulations.


To build infrastructure that responds to the challenges of the ecological transition, the construction and civil engineering industry - ranging from craftsmen and SME’s to multinational organisations have an opportunity to drive real change by becoming a key player in the circular economy.


This involves establishing "green" or "resourceful" construction sites that guarantee:


  • Everyone's safety
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Water, land and materials depollution
  • Traceability for waste, demolition debris, rubble and materials
  • Maximum recovery of materials, waste and soil (reuse, recycling, energy recovery)
  • Optimised energy and water use


"Green" construction worksites aim to contribute to improving the environmental and economic performance of construction sites.

of waste produced in Europe comes from construction and civil engineering.
is the target for the recovery of building and demolition waste set by the European Union for 2020.
30 to 40
This is the cost reduction made possible by sorting waste on-site.
Our solutions

Helping you to establish green construction sites

SUEZ offers innovative solutions and technologies to improve the environmental and social impact of your projects (diagnostic, supplies of secondary raw materials, reverse logistics, BatiRIM®, traceability and recovery of building waste, professional reintegration projects, biodiversity strategies etc.).


SUEZ helps its clients get the best from all types of construction sites and waste with modular local solutions that are accessible quickly for small tradesmen, microbusinesses and SMEs as well as major construction companies.


SUEZ provides its experience as an integrator and an operator of complex urban systems. Its environmental expertise and capacity for innovation are the two pillars on which the Group relies to reinforce economic development, social links and the establishment of a local circular economy.

Construction site

Maximize waste recovery

We offer solutions to building professionals throughout the different building phases to support and optimise building waste management and recovery (demolition debris, asbestos, wood, windows and joinery, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plaster…)
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Urban ruins workplace

Attain regulatory and environmental targets

We offer our expertise and technologies to help you reduce your environmental footprint: from green site audit to waste-related CO2 emissions control.
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