Population growth and urbanization, climate-change and the increasing scarcity of resources have sparked a worldwide demand for a growth model that consumes fewer resources. To address these challenges, we help industries redesign resource management and accompany them towards the circular economy.
Our offer

Supporting the growth of industry

Supported by decades of experience with large industrial customers, SUEZ is a world leader in developing breakthrough innovation for the complete water, process, and waste cycle.


Our collaborative approach enables us to deliver tailor-made advanced technologies, innovative solutions, and digital services designed to improve performance and competitiveness, enable sustainable management of resources, and conform with regulations.

Your business activity

Food and Beverage

SUEZ combines strategic support and operational implementation through a wide range of solutions. It is this winning combination that allows us to apply the right solution, in the right place and at the right time, according to your needs.


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Chemical Pharmaceutical

Chemical companies are engaged in efforts to reduce their environmental footprint while preserving their competitiveness. Based on an integrated vision, SUEZ offers the chemical sector sustainable, efficient, and customized solutions to treat and manage resources. The objective: Environmental intelligence to drive economic performance.


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SUEZ helps businesses in the construction sector recover large amounts of waste generated by their activities, creating value from waste and protecting the environment. SUEZ guarantees operational efficiency through safe work sites and compliance with deadlines, costs and regulatory constraints.


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Site deconstruction and soil decontamination

SUEZ provides a reconversion strategy based on comprehensive needs analysis as part of a holistic vision to maximise asset value whilst protecting health, safety and the environment.


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SUEZ supports you in optimising the management of water and waste on your industrial mining sites


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Oil and Gas

SUEZ works with Oil & Gas companies, from exploration and production to refining and petrochemicals. We support them with water, gas and waste treatment technologies and services to boost their performance, to secure their operations, while limiting their environmental footprint.


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SUEZ’s offer proposes a range of personalised solutions that guarantee the continuity of production and meet the need to ensure optimal safety levels and to minimise impacts on the environment and communities. 


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Pulp and paper

SUEZ is a long-standing expert in the pulp and paper sector, and has a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry. One of the leading suppliers of recycled paper in Europe, the Group guarantees its customers constant, uniform quality

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