Consulting and impact studies

Hydraulic management, project optimisation, technical mastery of installations and networks and organisation of traffic are major issues for industrial site managers. We offer our customers global support and place our mastery of the entire water cycle at their disposal.
Regulatory Support

Improving the sustainability of your business, managing completion schedules and obtaining permits

At SUEZ we understand that businesses need to ensure their activities are sustainable in the long term, which is why we commit to providing comprehensive support right through to securing project approval.


Our knowledge of current regulations, our ability to anticipate change and our familiarity with the permitting process enable us to provide intelligent support that is adapted to the specificities of your project. Our teams work efficiently and methodically to manage your projects in accordance with your deadlines and in compliance with statutory and environmental standards. We support our customers by providing the following services:

  • regulatory compliance audits
  • auditing and support in implementing actions to prevent and improve waste management to reduce environmental impacts
  • regulatory submissions (ICPE – Environmentally Sensitive Facilities, French Water Act)
  • risk and hazard management
  • modelling of heat flows, explosions, emissions, odours etc.
  • impact assessments (biodiversity, odours, water, health)
  • submissions required prior to the decommissioning of facilities, remediation of contaminated sites
Site Development

Optimising the integration of facilities into their surroundings in accordance with costs and deadlines

Managing water and wastewater, optimising projects, managing facilities and networks and planning traffic flow – these are some of the major challenges facing industrial site managers.

SUEZ provides the full range of skills required for the successful completion of facilities engineering projects and combines them in an integrated manner according to the specificities of each project:

  • Designing and creating site infrastructure
  • Ensuring that access roads are compatible with site requirements
  • Facilitating site accessibility
  • Planning traffic flow, parking and storage facilities
  • Modelling and adapting heat systems
  • Remediating contaminated sites
  • Making provisions for water and wastewater flows
  • Remediating and regenerating sites (deconstruction, remediation, asbestos removal)
  • Integrating projects into their surroundings
Water Management

Optimising water supply and distribution systems, while reducing your water footprint

SUEZ provides its industrial customers with its complete water cycle expertise, from sourcing to discharge of the resource, and its knowledge of wastewater effluent management.


To ensure and safeguard a high-quality water supply at an optimal cost and in compliance with environmental regulations and standards, we provide support in:

  • Supplying sites with high-quality water
  • Safeguarding and optimising resources
  • Modelling and designing networks
  • Identifying and mapping existing networks
  • Identifying and implementing a stormwater management solution
  • Planning and optimising treatment of a site’s wastewater
  • Converting wastewater into energy or recoverable materials

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