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Together, we make your packaging recyclable!

As a manufacturer or packaging producer, you want to opt for sustainable, even circular packaging. But how can you make sure that your packaging really is recyclable? What combination of materials should you use, or avoid? With the SUEZ.Circpack® solution, we use our knowledge and expertise in the collection, sorting and recycling industries to help you make your packaging circular and truly recyclable.
The services of SUEZ.Circpack®

5 services, just one aim: to make your packaging recyclable!

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Circpack, a new solution towards recyclable packaging. - SUEZ

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Vincent Mooij, head of SUEZ.Circpack®, goes over the 5 services of the offer.

1. Discover the world of recycling and circular packaging by taking part in one of our workshops

Would you like to know more about the sorting and recycling of materials, about emerging technologies and how they’ll influence your choices when it comes to designing recyclable packaging? Come and take part in one of our workshops on eco-design, hosted by our experts, and explore the world of recycling and the circular economy.

Discover recycling workshops

workshop peopleThese workshops are open to any company or actor concerned by the topic of packaging recycling. During a five-hour session, you’ll learn what happens to packaging waste and how it’s sorted and recycled. We’ll reveal the techniques used in the sorting process and the guidelines to follow when eco-designing recyclable packaging. The workshops include a visit to one of our plastic sorting centres.

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SUEZ Deutschland Auswahl CircpackCustomised workshops
We also organise customised workshops reserved only for your teams. Bringing your company’s key actors together around the topic of packaging recycling is an ideal way to train and inform your employees. We’ll guide you in your thoughts about recycling by answering specific questions and issues relative to the sector of your company.
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Visit and presentation

If your team does not need to attend a full workshop, we can also organise visits to our sorting centres, followed by a presentation on packaging recycling.
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2. Packaging advice: our services dedicated to the eco-design of recyclable packaging

Let's design a new form of recyclable packaging together

packaging blancAre you developing new packaging? Do you need concrete solutions to ensure its recyclability? We guide you towards the total recyclability of your packaging.

Every type of packaging is different, which is why we carry out targeted analysis depending on your needs and offer specialised advice. This work can be done in various ways, for example through:

  • tests in our sorting facilities to identify the destination of the packaging at end-of-life;
  • laboratory research to test new materials;
  • analysing our "BigData" database to determine how existing packaging is sorted;  
  • desk research to answer specific questions;
  • consultation with our international network of experts.

We provide you with an analysis of your packaging, whether the packaging already exists or still needs to be created. You receive specific advice on how to improve your packaging to increase its recyclability. As each country has specific requirements when it comes to collection, sorting and recycling, we also help you to understand the local market. >> Contact us

“There’s already a lot of theoretical understanding about the recycling of packaging, but as experts in recycling and waste recovery, we have valuable information about the recycling of individual packaging. We use this data to optimise the design for recycling of packaging in collaboration with manufacturers.” Vincent Mooij, manager of SUEZ.Circpack®
Discover our free design for recycling guidelines

To make an item of packaging easy to recycle, you need to take several parameters into account, including the type of material, the shape of your packaging and recycling techniques. We have listed the key recommendations in a design for recycling Guide provided to you free of charge.  
With this guide, you can analyse the recyclability of your packaging and learn more about three types of materials:
  • Recyclable materials: materials that can be completely recycled;
  • Non-recyclable materials: materials that cannot be recycled but do not disrupt the packaging recycling process;
  • Conflicting materials: materials that cannot be recycled and hinder the recycling of other recyclable materials.


3. Certification of recyclability: show that your packaging can be recycled

Ready to Recycle logo pictureWe have developed a methodology for certifying the recyclability of packaging.

Our certification indicates the percentage of materials that can actually be recycled. A score of 85, for example, shows that 85% of the materials used in an item of packaging are recyclable.

Our certification method is based on our Group’s knowledge and experience in the collection, sorting and recycling of materials in various countries. We determine the recyclability on an industrial scale for each item of packaging. We examine each of the techniques currently used in the recycling industry and incorporate the specific recycling situations in each country.  
If your score is above 50%, you can use our READY TO RECYCLE logo as a guarantee of the recyclability of your packaging. >> Contact us


4. Recycling around the world: discover the local situation

Each country has specific requirements in terms of the circular economy: the recycling system varies significantly from one country to the next. It’s therefore important to understand what’s happening at a local level. What is collected there? Is there a deposit-return system? What materials are sorted and really recycled? We have gathered key information on the recycling of household waste in over 50 countries.

In our SUEZ.Circpack® study, you’ll find, for every country information sheet:
  • The types of packaging collected;
  • The existing deposit-return system;
  • The list of sorted materials;
  • The materials that are really recycled;
  • Information on the existence, or non-existence, of a system for producer responsibility (and associated costs) and/or financial incentives for recyclable packaging.

5. BigData, our European data bank on recycling 

Do you want to know how your packaging is sorted in a standard sorting facility?  

We believe that end-of-life packaging provides valuable information. By selecting representative samples from our different European sorting centres, covering a wide variety of packaging, we have created BigData, our data bank specific to the recycling of household packaging.  
This data bank enables us to draw up, on your behalf:
  • empirical statistics on the sorting of specific packaging;
  • geographical comparisons;
  • reports on market preferences;
  • market share analysis.

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Our references

SUEZ awards the first recyclable packaging certificate to REN Skincare

Clean Essentials Clean SunscreenREN Skincare, a subsidiary of Unilever, has received the first SUEZ.Circpack® certificate for the recyclable packaging of its product “Clean screen, Face Sunscreen 50ml”. Our certification methodology determined that 99.78% of materials used in the packaging were recyclable. A very high score. This packaging is almost entirely recyclable because the tube and cap are made of the same material: polypropylene. This type of plastic is collected, sorted and recycled in many countries.

Our packaging experts are ready to assist you with your packaging recycling concerns. Do you have any questions? Would you like to know more about what they can do for you? Contact our experts.

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