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Within a highly competitive market, pulp and paper companies need to adapt to changing demand and market trends, particularly for recycled paper, as well as to increasingly stringent environmental standards, while maintaining operational performance and profit margins. Being one of the leading suppliers of recycled paper in Europe, SUEZ has a deep understanding of all aspects of the industry, providing solutions to bolster and improve all upstream and downstream production processes ensuring activities are profitable and compliant.

Your challenges

Supporting profitable growth in line with environmental standards

The pulp and paper industry is currently in the throes of change and must adapt to new market demands.
Whilst packaging products for e-commerce and tissue paper production are on the up, demand for graphic paper and paper for the printing industry (newspapers, magazines etc.) has fallen sharply due to the boom in news websites and online advertising.

In a market suffering from increasing secondary raw material  scarcity, securing recycled fiber supply has become a key challenge, especially regarding packaging and cardboard facing increasing demand. 

The pulp and paper process are water and energy intensive. In a climate of increasingly stringent environmental standards imposed by society and the authorities, the industry’s profitability depends on resources consumptions control.
This situation raises decisive challenges for pulp and paper sector stakeholders.
of paper produced is made from recycled paper
year-on-year demand growth in developing countries by 2025
40 to 60
of total production costs are for the supply of recycled fibre
Our solutions

Our ambition: secure your processes, lower your costs and reduce your environmental footprint

SUEZ's offering is designed to increase savings by securing fiber supply, maximizing fiber recovery and reducing water, waste and energy costs. Our solutions help improve resource optimization by minimizing water and energy consumption, reducing waste production, increasing waste recycling and reducing fossil fuel consumption. By applying this solutions, pulp and paper companies can improuve profitability, limit environmental impact and boost brand equity, while assuring production continuity and safety. 

Pâtes et papier production

Better management of your production processes 

We work in close cooperation with you, developing concrete solutions to help you secure the supply of secondary materials, optimize your production cycle and
reduce your waste disposal costs.
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pulp and paper

Save water and reduce your environmental footprint

In developing new applications for existing equipment, we help the pulp and paper industry control waterborne contaminants in its production processes. We also provide solutions for reducing water consumption.
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Recover production effluents

Thanks to our expertise in waste recovery and our knowledge of paper industry processes, we can provide appropriate waste recovery solutions and services. We also transform sludge into energy or compost.
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Pulp paper

Optimize energy consumption and costs

We have expertise in cogeneration sites and energy production from biomass which improves consumption and allows better cost control. By choosing methane fermentation, for example, you can produce energy from effluents. 
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We work closely with our customers to define the best solutions together.

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