Fondation SUEZ

Fondation SUEZ: 572 projects with more than 6 million beneficiaries for access to water and sanitation in 10 years

Since 2011, the Fondation SUEZ supports projects throughout more than 20 emerging and developing countries, thanks to an extensive network of partner structures, including Action Against Hunger, GRET, Acted, Première Urgence Internationale, Eau&Vie...

As part of the 9th World Water Forum, the Fondation SUEZ presents the work of its partners to illustrate the issues of access to water and sanitation: since 2011, 572 projects with more than 6 million beneficiaries of the installed infrastructures and services have been carried out. 

Beyond their primary goal of providing access to water and sanitation, these projects also address the lack of specific equipment for access to drinking water and sanitation, a potential factor in school dropout (particularly among young girls) and school failure rates.

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