Fondation SUEZ

Fondation SUEZ x Inter Aide: a maintenance strategy for sustainability

In the mountainous region of southern Ethiopia, between 50 and 80% of the population has to walk 40 minutes to collect very low quantities of non-drinking water from the river, and access to sanitation and good hygiene practices remains very scarce. As for the cattle, which are vital to the local economy, they drink from pools of stagnant water infested with leeches.
As a solution to this issue, the NGO Inter Aide heads a programme in 8 districts which aims, on one hand, to create simple and sustainable systems for access to gravity-fed water supplies, bringing spring water from higher land to water fountains, wash houses and troughs; and on the other hand, to promote good hygiene practices and the construction of latrines. The solution is supported by the implementation of professional maintenance services, with the creation and training of federations that head water users associations and that represent them at the regional water offices.

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