Board of Directors and Committees

Our Board of Directors sets the business objectives and oversees their implementation. To this end, it calls on Committees in charge of studying the questions submitted by the Board or its chairman for examination and advice.
Board of Directors

Role and composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made of 14 members that each serve 4-year terms, including 2 employee directors and 1 director representing employee shareholders. It comprises 45 % of women (without taking into account the employee directors and employee shareholders director in accordance with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF Code) and 40% of directors of foreign nationality.

Under the criteria of the AFEP-MEDEF code, 9 directors are qualified as independent by the Board, i.e. 82 % of its members, without taking into account the directors and the employee shareholders director in accordance with the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF code.

Activity of the Board of Directors in 2020

In 2020, the Board met 22 times (excluding the Directors’ strategy seminar mentioned below), with an attendance rate of 89.6% (90.8% in 2010).

They mainly dealt with subjects such as safety and security results, business reviews, the financial position and results (review of the annual, half-year and quarterly results), the Group’s financing position (debts, available cash, bond issue), the renewal of the share buyback program, governance (change in the composition of the Board of Directors, including the appointment of a new Chairman, and of its Committees and evaluation of the organization and functioning of the Board and its Committees and the Directors’ individual contributions), and reviewing the anti-corruption and vigilance plan. The Board also dealt with the matters of executive compensation (compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and the long-term incentive plan) and employee shareholding (launch of an offer reserved for employees at the beginning of 2021). The Board also reappointed the Chief Executive Officer’s annual authorization to issue endorsements and guarantees, and approved guarantee projects. The Board has carried out the annual assessment to ensure that agreements relating to current operations and entered into on normal terms and conditions continue to meet these conditions. Lastly, it regularly reviewed the work of its various Committees.

In addition, the Board’s activities in 2020 were particularly taken up by:

  • monitoring the implementation of the Shaping SUEZ 2030 strategic plan, specifically the review of asset rotation transactions (disposal of certain Recycling and Recovery activities in Northern and Central Europe, acquisition of the equity interests of the Group’s partner in SUEZ NWS Ltd and Derun Environnement in Asia, etc.); and related communications;
  • monitoring the Company’s situation in respect of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic (crisis management, continuation of essential services, impact on Group employees, implementation
    of support and solidarity measures, monitoring of operating and financial performance with a review of the Group’s forecasts in 2020 and related communications, Group cash management with various bond issues to secure the Group’s liquidity, etc.);
  • monitoring and reviewing the situation related to Veolia’s planned takeover of the Company and assessing the alternative offers proposed.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Updated on February 1st, 2021
Philippe Varin

Philippe Varin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SUEZ
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Bertrand Camus_SUEZ

Bertrand Camus

Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ and Director
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Enric Amiguet I Rovira-Director elected by employees

Enric Amiguet I Rovira

Director elected by employees
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Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun-Independent Director- CEO of Eaux Minérales d’Oulmes

Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun

Independent Director. Vice-Chairwoman – Chief Executive Officer of Eaux...
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Agatta Constantini-Employee director

Agatta Constantini

Director elected by the employees
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Anthony R Coscia

Director. Partner and Executive Committee member of Windels Marx, LLP
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Martha Crawford

Martha Crawford

Independant Director
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Delphine Ernotte Cunci-Independent director-Chairwoman of France Télévisions

Delphine Ernotte Cunci

Independent Director. Chairwoman of France Télévisions
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Anne lauvergeon-Independent director-Chairwoman of ALP SA

Anne Lauvergeon

Independent Director. Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of ALP SA
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Bertrand Meunier

Independant Director. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atos
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Philippe Petitcolin

Independent Director
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Jacques Richier

Independant Director. Chairman and CEO of Allianz France
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Taittinger Brigitte

Brigitte Taittinger-Jouyet

Independant Director
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Guillaume Thivolle-Employee shareholder-Director

Guillaume Thivolle

Director representing employee shareholders
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The Board’s Committees

Role and composition of the Committees

The Board of Directors is supported by four Committees: the Strategy Committee, the Audit and Financial Statements Committee, the Appointments, Compensation and Governance Committee and the CSR, Innovation, Ethics, Water and Sustainable Planet Committee.