Under the supervision of Bertrand Camus, appointed on May 14th, 2019, this new executive team will be responsible for supporting him in overseeing the Group’s operations and implementing the strategic orientations set out by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee will also be in charge of finalizing and implementing the new SUEZ 2030 corporate plan, intended to commit the Group to conquer new opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth.
Board of Directors and Committees

Setting the Group’s business goals and their implementation

With the support of various Committees, the Board of Directors outlines our business objectives and their implementation.
are independent members
of directors are not French nationals
are women
Executive Committee

Running the company and implementing its strategy in conjunction with the Board of Directors

Performance Management Committee

Steering operating performance, commercial development, our business expertise and the Group’s corporate culture

Principles of company governance

Applicable articles and regulations

Governance is conducted according to various regulations and charters that apply the company‘s policies,  the procedures of the board of directors and the responsibilities and compensation of corporate officers.
Fondation SEF Stichting

Applicable articles and conditions of administration