2021 Integrated Report: Essential to society, committed to the environment

In 2021, SUEZ published its 6th Integrated Report. This document presents the company's strategic and forward-looking vision, as well as its 2020 results for the benefit of each of its stakeholders. By providing an understanding, analysis and measurement of a company's overall performance and its interactions with society, it aims to meet the new expectations of investors, customers, partners, NGOs and employees.

The Covid-19 crisis: an accelerator of profound changes

The Covid-19 crisis has not halted the strong trends affecting SUEZ’s markets. On the contrary, it has strengthened them, creating favourable conditions for the Group’s strategic plan to be implemented more quickly.
The 2021 Integrated Report identifies the mega-trends that will shape the future of SUEZ activities and analyses the associated risks and opportunities for the Group:
  • Protecting biodiversity: where major challenges for humanity come together
  • Ecological transition: at the heart of the economic recovery
  • Green, resilient cities: on the agenda more than ever
  • The year of acceleration in the digital transformation

An essential presence in environmental services

The SUEZ 2030 strategic plan sets out the Group’s position in relation to the decade’s opportunities and challenges and accelerates its contribution to the environmental transition.
The first calendar year of the SUEZ 2030 strategic plan’s implementation has already resulted in notable successes with regard to the Group’s transformation targets set by senior management.
  • In the sectors where the development opportunities identified were the most promising, such as environmental services and hazardous waste treatment, new partnerships have led to many commercial successes.
  • By reducing its debt and deploying its performance plan, SUEZ has been able to increase its financial targets.
  • Finally, the shared commitment across the Group to continuing to deliver essential services during the health crisis while protecting everyone’s health and safety has been a catalyst for the deployment of the Group’s culture and values.
A new SUEZ will be created, consisting of assets that will form a coherent and sustainable group from an industrial and social standpoint, with real growth potential and revenue of around €7 billion.

A global agreement between SUEZ and Veolia

Veolia and SUEZ have signed a Combination Agreement between themselves and a Memorandum of Understanding with Meridiam–GIP–Caisse des D p ts/ CNP Assurances for the acquisition of the new SUEZ.

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Performance on behalf of all stakeholders

In a year marked by an uncertain environment, the unfailing commitment of the Group’s employees and the trust of its customers, investors and partners have once again enabled SUEZ to demonstrate its ability to create multidimensional value for all its stakeholders.
The Integrated Report provides an analysis of our performance in serving all of our stakeholders, and below are video clips of some of the key take-aways from 2020.

Redistribution of the financial flows generated by SUEZ activity in 2020

Every year, SUEZ evaluates the economic and social impact of its activities in the regions where it operates. Over 92% of the financial flows generated by its activities are redistributed to its primary stakeholder categories.

SUEZ 2021 Integrated Report - Performance

Credit: SUEZ group

A pioneering, committed approach to non-financial performance

As part of its proactive engagement with the financial community, the Group has also published the proportion of its 2020 revenue recognised under the European Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities: 74%.

SUEZ 2021 integrated Report - Revenue

Credit: SUEZ group

Decarbonising the Group’s performance for the benefit of a sustainable environment

SUEZ also calculates the intensity of its emissions, i.e. tonnes of Co2eq per million euros of revenue, and the downward trend is clear.

Governance embodying the Group’s transformation

The Group’s transformation also involves the renewal of its governance bodies. Just as the Executive Committee’s organisation was reviewed in 2019 to bring it more explicitly into line with the Group’s strategic priorities, the changes to its Board of Directors in 2020 aimed to strengthen its abilities in relation to SUEZ’s chosen directions for development while making it more independent and maintaining the diversity of its members.
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