• Continuous monitoring and Securing of the drinking water network
  • Improvement of network efficiency
  • Real-time monitoring of water quality
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Operational performance
  • Preservation of water resources
  • Compliance with regulatory constraints


  • Monitoring of the performance of the entire network with map and sector views, calculation of indicators (night flow, daily volume, network performance, pressure, etc.) and thematic views
  • Event manager based on statistical detection models
  • Leak detection: analysis of data from sensors on the network, acoustic detection, and cross-referencing with data from smart meters
  • Real-time monitoring of water quality through multi-parameter probe monitoring
  • Pressure and pressure transient control, pressure stage management

Success cases

  • Versailles - France: 200,000 m³ of water saved in 2 years
  • Macao - China: detection of a leak in the private pipelines at the University of Macao prevented the loss of 5000 m³, the equivalent of 3 days' consumption at the facility
  • Poitiers - France: 960,000 m³ of water saved with data from acoustic recorders
  • Seyne sur Mer - France: 75% of leaks repaired in less than 24 hours

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