• Operational Consistency: Optimise and automate network operations consistently
  • Energy cost & energy reduction: Reduce energy cost up to 20% and energy use by up to 10% also reducing the carbon footprin
  • Production Optimisation: Predict water demand and improve water source planning while reducing purchasing costs
  • Quality: Improve water quality operations, reservoir turnover and blending


  • Continuous optimisation and generation of pump, valve and treatment plant schedules
  • Continuously updated water demand forecasts
  • Adaption to changing electricity supply prices
  • Calculation of production schedules optimised according to asset availability, water demand, electricity prices and reservoir storage constraints
  • Simulation module for calculating operating strategies and estimating their operational and cost impact
  • Optional transmission of commands to the SCADA system for immediate automatic control

AQUADVANCED® Energy - 2'06", subtitled version in english - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Success cases

  • Tarragona - Spain : 15% reduction in energy costs, saving €1 000 000 
  • Peel region - Canada : 5,600 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved


* previously known as AQUADVANCED® Energy

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