Your challenges

Reducing water loss in drinking water networks has economical and environmental benefits for local authorities. A targeted renovation strategy is an integral part of efficient asset management, helping to reduce leaks et protect assets over the long term.

Trenchless solutions can reduce disturbances caused by renovation work, such as service interruptions, traffic disruptions, and economic repercussions.

Trenchless solutions also are an ideal solution to start hard-to-reach strategic pipes renewal: underground highways pipes (roads, highways, large crossroads…), underbridge or under work of art pipes, etc…

Our solution

Already used on wastewater mains for several years, self-supporting lining techniques can now be applied to drinking water pipes with similar benefits: small footprint, no traffic disruptions, fast installation, low impact on pipe diameter and hydraulic capacity, etc.
Building on its cutting-edge expertise in network operations and rehabilitation, our subsidiary Axeo TP and its long-standing partner Reline APTEC developed the AQUA.UV®CIPP sheath, specially designed for renovating drinking water pressure pipes.

This glass-fibre sheath, the only product of its kind in France to have been awarded French sanitary compliance certification (ACS), offers a fast and economical rehabilitation solution for under or aboveground pressure pipes made out of concrete, reinforced concrete, cast iron, thermoplastics, etc. A permanent interior coating enables the AQUA.UV®CIPP sheath to treat pipes with an operating pressure of up to 16 Bars.

This innovative solution guarantees the network's hydraulic capacity, reduces pump wear, and prevents deposit and scale build-up. Its carbon footprint is ten times lower than traditional network renovation technologies.

The benefits for you

  • A reduction in logistics footprint and worksite impact (traffic, residents, etc.)
  • A reduction in the carbon footprint of pipe rehabilitation
  • A reduction in worksite cost and duration
  • An increase in the network's hydraulic capacity and pump lifespan
  • Less deposit and scale build-up in pipes

To find out more on our expertise in network rehabilitation and trenchless solutions for water and waste networks, consult our subsidiary Axeo TP's website.