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Since our IPO, our share price has outperformed the sector-based indexes, and in particular the DJ Euro STOXX Utilities. Moreover, we have emerged as a top-ranking actor in its sector, thanks to our gradual inclusion in the main extra-financial indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSl) World & Europe.
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The SUEZ share price and market indices are provided for information only and are not intended for transaction purposes. Prior to any transaction, we would ask you, to consult your financial intermediary. In the event of any errors, delays or interruptions in the updating of market prices communicated on this site, SUEZ declines any responsibility.
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SUEZ shares

  • ISIN:  FR 0010613471
  • Code: SEV (Paris) and SEVB (Brussels)
  • Listings: Euronext Paris (compartment A) and Euronext Brussels
  • DSS eligible
  • Indices: CAC Large 60, SBF 120, CAC All Tradable and Dow Jones Euro STOXX Utilities
  • Market value: €8.3 bn (31 December 2019)

ADR Program

An ADR (American Depositary Receipt) program has been operating in the United States since 5 August 2020 with Deutsche Bank.
Here are the details of this program:

Ticker: SZSAY
Structure Level: I ADR
Exchange: OTC
Ratio (ADR:ORD): 2:1
ISIN: US8646912092
CUSIP: 864691 209
Eligibility: DTC

Contact details for ADR investors and brokers:
Deutsche Bank ADR broker services desks
New York: Tel +1 212 250 9100
London: +44 207 547 6500


Contact details for registered ADR Holders:
Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Toll-free number: (866) 706-0509
Direct Dial: (718) 921-8137

The Company’s ADR program is sponsored by Deutsche Bank. As the Depositary bank Deutsche Bank performs the following roles for ADR holders:

  • Records and maintains the register of ADR holders
  • Is the stock transfer agent
  • Distributes dividends in U.S. dollars (if applicable)
  • Facilitates the proxy voting process and exercises the voting rights on behalf of ADR holders (if applicable)
  • Issues and cancels SUEZ ADRs
  • Can distribute company circulars and Annual General Meeting documentation (if applicable)

For those holders which are not registered because their shares are held through a ‘Street name’ (nominee account), your nominee will receive company documents from time to time from Deutsche Bank to distribute to ADR holders.  You need to make arrangements with your nominee if you wish to receive such documents and to be able to exercise your vote through the depositary bank at general meetings (if applicable).

Share buyback

Share buyback program

Current share buyback program

(See reference document below, page 355 section 18.3.5).

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Liquidity contract

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