Secure the continuity of your operations

We provide solutions to secure your water supply, ensure the protection of the environment, increasing your operational efficiency and preserving equipment integrity to secure the continuity of your operations. 

Secure water supply for all production processes and emergency needs

  • Secure network diagnosis and design
  • Production of process water, cooling water and boiler feed water through clarification and filtration solutions, and desalination solutions (resin, membrane, and thermal based).
  • Mobile water units for emergency water supply
  • Water chemicals & services

Integrated solutions for refinery processes to preserve equipment integrity

  • Chemical treatment solutions to maintain equipment cleanliness, performance and avoid fouling / scaling
  • Corrosion prevention, detection, and mitigation strategies through combined chemistry, monitoring, and advanced control solutions.
  • System performance optimization
  • Options to maintain finished product specifications, while increasing yield of high value products.
  • Specialty chemical treatment programs for process, water, and waste systems
  • Onstream sensors to increase frequency and quality of system performance measurements.
  • On-line monitoring and control systems to improve performance in the face of operating variability.
  • Expert services to identify areas of operational optimization and predict performance of planned and unplanned system changes.

Wastewater treatment solutions and operational services

  • Industrial wastewater treatment: primary and secondary oil removal, biological treatment, water recycling
  • Sludge dewatering, drying & incineration
  • On-site and off-site wastewater treatment
  • Back-office operations support services for client's operators
  • Remote monitoring of clients' installations
  • On-call operation and maintenance services
  • Full control of operations and maintenance of client's installations

Waste treatment, industrial cleaning and energy transition solutions

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection and transportation
  • Fully reliable and certified traceability
  • Non-hazardous waste handling and maximization of recycling
  • Hazardous waste treatment
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance
  • Integrated cleaning during shutdown
  • Catalyst management
  • Production of energy sources from hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Recycling of recyclable materials
  • Minimization of landfill disposal
  • Smart monitoring

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