Ensure safety, minimize risks and secure regulatory compliance

We offer solutions to guarantee optimum safety conditions and full regulatory compliance and to renovate or clean up refining and petrochemical industrial sites.

Minimize risks

Through risk assessments and the optimised management of on-site safety, we guarantee optimum safety conditions for maximum productivity.
  • Customized risk assessments (HAZOP studies, etc.).
  • Safety training and communication (SIR and F3C standards).
  • Cross-industry benchmarking through the return of experience
  • Process, water & waste safety procedures implementation and management
  • Technical risk management (including fire, explosion & pollution prevention).
  • ATEX diagnosis

Ensuring regulatory compliance for all aspects of production

By using state-of-the-art technologies for the treatment of polluted wastewater and hazardous waste, we guarantee full compliance with ever more stringent environmental regulations:
  • Technical solutions for process, water, and waste systems.
  • Operation & Maintenance services for technical installations
  • Process, water & waste system monitoring & control
  • Flooding management
  • Firefighting water management
  • Hazardous waste collection and final treatment
  • Polluted soil & groundwater remediation
  • Asbestos removal and final treatment
  • Greenhouse-gases emission evaluation and reduction consultancy
  • Improved desalter performance to minimize oily brine and slop oil generation.

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