Increase Oil & Gas production efficiency

We enable you to achieve better productivity and cut costs. With solutions to increase Oil and Gas recovery, set up recycling systems and protect your assets, we are a key partner to help you boost your competitiveness.

Improve Oil and Gas recovery

Through risk assessments and the optimized management of on-site safety, we guarantee optimum safety conditions for maximum productivity:

Resource optimization and recycling solutions

Optimise your OPEX and boost your industrial assets

We provide full scope water and process outsourced services for you to optimise cost and asset preservation

  • Flexible contract models from EP to DBOM
  • Flexible design of water plants
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Temporary mobile water services
  • ECOFLOW asset sharing (off-site effluent treatment service)
  • Expert management of membrane installations
  • Standardization of facilities and amenities
  • Network modelling
  • Network management (maintenance, leak detection)
  • Flow assurance solutions
  • Asset integrity solutions: corrosion inhibitors, Biocides for asset protection from bacteria,  Oxygen scavengers for asset protection from oxygen, H2S scavengers for asset protection from hydrogen sulfide

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