Reduce your environmental footprint

Our portfolio of technologies is unmatched in the industry. With the broadest spectrum of technology solutions that are tried and tested, we are able to address the toughest challenges with respect to resource conservation, societal impact and environmental regulations. In addition, our solutions are economically sound and are justified by the savings they generate for your company.

Preserve water resources

  • Assess the water footprint of your activity on the site
  • Capture drainage water
  • Monitor the quality of surface and groundwater
  • Treat wastewater and control acid mining drainage
  • Treat and reuse wastewater thereby limiting fresh water intake
  • Prevent floods
  • Restore the aquifers and mining residue ponds.

Control your waste and discharges

  • Optimize the management of your industrial and mining waste
  • Control pollution and conduct environmental audits
  • Control foaming, emulsions, odors, fumes and dusts
  • Remove of heavy metals, suspended, and dissolved solids
  • Use alternative fuels (SRF)
  • Adopt industry leading soil remediation practices during operations or mine closure phases

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