Leverage digital to strenghthen your operational performance

Operational performance must be measured every day. We offer digital and operational solutions to exercise continuous control, minimize operating costs, and provide ongoing access to our expertise and know-how.

Water and energy efficiency

With our solutions, you can have access to key KPI’s and plant health anywhere in the world via our InSight Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics service. At any time, you can assess and monitor your needs to attain optimal performance, while capturing value by recovering energy, metals and water. Some of the benefits of our monitoring technologies include:

  • Optimize the water use/re-use solutions
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your water and waste systems
  • Assess life of consumables like filters and membranes to proactively plan maintenance interventions
  • Control chemical consumption, dosage, and ordering
  • Improve information flows through data monitoring and online reports

Waste management and on-site services

  • Optimize your waste streams through regular audits
  • Recover and recycle by-products, including metals, sulphuric acid, and sludge
  • Landfill management
  • Benefit from cleaning solutions adapted to your site (vacuums, high-pressure scouring, etc.)

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