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Water scarcity and regulations are influencing mining industry needs and operations. We offer and co-develop innovative solutions that maximize customer value to help with the sustainability of their operations.

Frédéric Grivel-SUEZ Mining & Metals Global Market Director

Your challenges

Enhance the feasibility and sustainability of your mining projects with solutions that place the environmental and social responsibility at the forefront throughout their whole lifecycle

Global economic growth is steadily driving the production of ores, minerals and raw materials. Easy to reach resources are becoming depleted, paving the way for more complex and difficult mining projects to keep up with worldwide demand. Significant price fluctuations on the world markets together with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and water scarcity are putting pressure on the industry to shift towards more responsible and competitive operations.


While improvements in economic performance can stem from new technologies, business models and innovation, environmental stewardship comes from optimizing water treatment and reuse as well as treatment and recovery of non-mineral wastes.


These circumstances are creating a landscape where only projects with an increased consideration for environmental and societal impact coupled with advanced methods of exploration and new business models can fuel the growth of you mining customers.

of worldwide copper, supplies come from recycling
the expected growth of the consumption of aluminum between 2006 and 2025
of the projects of the top six major groups in the mining industry are in regions exposed to water stress

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Discover how SUEZ ensures sustainability and attractiveness of the mining and metals industry with smart & sustainable resource management.

Mining & Metals industry: ensuring social and environmental license to operate - SUEZ

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Our solutions

Optimize the management of water and waste on your sites

Mining and metal

Secure and enhance the efficiency of your operations

Our chemicals, separation technology, analytic tools, and advice help optimize the management of water resources, guarantee the security of supply, and ensure that the quality of discharged water and waste is in compliance.
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Koniambo plant

Reduce your environmental footprint

Our portfolio of technologies is unmatched in the industry. With the broadest spectrum of technology solutions that are tried and tested, we are able to address the toughest challenges with respect to environmental regulations, resource conservation and societal impact. In addition, our solutions are economically sound and are justified by the savings they generate for your company.
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Metals and mining industry

Leverage digital to strenghthen your operational performance

Operational performance must be measured every day. We offer digital and operational solutions to exercise continuous control, minimize operating costs and provide ongoing access to our expertise and know-how.
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Employees on sites

Bring essential services to your employees on your sites

The management of water and waste on your production sites and base camps is an essential service for your employees.
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Australia Hazelwood brown coal fired power station and mine

Working with you at every stage of the mining lifecycle

We offer solutions for the mining industry at design, construction and operational phases.
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Our technologies

Technologies which are particularly well suited to the mining sector

UF / RO / NF water membranes

Improving process efficiency with condensate recovery and higher water reuse.


Temporary Mobile Water & Wastewater units

Maintaining your system operations during upgrade, maintenance, and peak demand, plus commissioning.


Metal removal

Respecting heavy metal effluent limits with our products and equipment solutions.


Zero liquid discharge

Meeting water reuse goals with an effective ZLD wastewater treatment plan.



Speed up the physical-chemical treatment of water with Densadeg®


Acid rock drainage (ARD)

Reducing environmental impacts with physical, chemical and biological processes.


Dust control

Reducing emissions of dust including the use of dust control products.


ABmet for Selenium Removal

Reducing total selenium with a single step process. 

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