Increase resource recovery on your Food & Beverage plant

We provide solutions to help you meet your environmental goals by reducing your water footprint, valorizing your organic by-products, improving the circularity of your packaging and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
Water footprint

Reduce your water footprint to optimize resource recovery

Protect and save a precious resource. We have proven methods to guarantee continuous, reliable water supplies, while raising reuse and recycling levels to reduce consumption.

We provide tried and tested methods to recover the maximum amount of water from your water systems and integrate water reuse technologies for uses inside and outside your plant.

To increase water cycle effiency we provide monitoring and protection measures for your water networks, as well as assessment and progress plans for water footprint optimization.

  • Well & water network asset management
  • Water cycle audit (Waterlily)
  • Smart metering for water consumption forecasting
  • Ice pigging
  • Water reuse systems for outside and inside your plant
  • Alternative water supply sources

[Video] How to reduce costs on a food and beverage site thanks to waste materials and energy technology

How to reduce the costs on a food and beverage site (Ducey, France) - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Download the brochure "Reducing your water fooprint"
Organic by-products

Environmentally recover organic by-products

Turn your waste stream issue into an asset. Resource recovery technologies help you recover the potential value of your organic by-products with safe, reliable and sustainable composting, energy recovery, and waste reduction solutions.
  • Our safe, reliable and sustainable solutions for organic and energy recovery enable you to get back the potential value of your organic products.
  • Biological recovery processes enabling organic material to be reused (agricultural spreading, composting, etc.)
  • Waste-to-energy production from organic matter through anaerobic digestion of sludge and co-products, oil to fuel conversion and biomass gasification.


> Discover our Monsal* Advanced Digestion Technologies to convert biowaste into methane and valuable by-products.

> Discover our solution Organix, the first digital marketplace for organic waste.

Download the brochure "Valorizing organic by-products"
Download the brochure "Switching on the biogas resource"
Circular packaging

Make your packaging recyclable

We provide long-term resource recovery solutions to collect, recycle and recover packaging as well as reduce and recover wastes, limiting environmental footprint and maximizing economic benefits.

We offer sustainable solutions to collect, organize and dispose of waste streams:

  • On-site sorting and pretreatment
  • Connected bins
  • Reverse logistics
  • Clean transportation
  • Deconditioning

We offer innovative solutions to recover solid waste:

  • Production and supply of high-quality secondary raw materials
  • Providing a second life to plastic bottles
  • Glass recycling
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Green fuels: SRF / RFD supply, oil to fuel, biogas for fleet
  • Plastic recycling services
Download the brochure "Developing greener packaging"

We have the technology and know-how to produce recycled plastic, of a quality equivalent to that of virgin plastic, made from plastic bottles collected from consumers.

Start off right now, by creating a sustainable waste management system that will reduce your environmental impact!


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