Improve operational efficiency

Speed up your productivity and reduce your costs and risks. SUEZ's offering not only trims down your life-cycle costs but also upgrades food grade safety and quality standards.
Food grade safety

Guarantee products' quality and food grade safety

Process continuity

Ensure process continuity

Solutions to guarantee compliance quality, and continuous water supply:

  • Products and services for process water
  • Temporary mobile water treatment solutions
  • Ice-pigging for pipe cleaning
  • Chemical and service programs for boilers, cooling towers, pasteurizers sterilizers, membrane chemicals...  
  • Food process additives: antiscaling, antifoaming microbiological control on distilling, grain, sugar
  • Proactive industrial maintenance minimizing disruption
  • Pre-engineered platforms to treat incoming water
Optimized management

Optimise management of your industrial facilities

We provide support from the design phase to operations, helping you to reduce costs and improve performance on:

  • Optimized energy consumption for utilities (boilers, cooling towers), pasteurizers, effluent treatment plants, and waste-to-energy plants
  • Delegated management of non-hazardous and hazardous waste sites, including safe handling of chemical storage and waste traceability
  • Delegated management of wells and water networks, including instrumentation and monitoring services
  • Delegated water and waste management solutions
  • Effluent asset sharing and effluent collection
  • Asset performance management

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