Sebastien Delamarche

SUEZ is speeding up the circular economy by bringing its solutions for site remediation and re-use, recycling and traceability of materials to the heart of deconstruction sites.

Sébastien DELAMARCHE-Global Construction, Decommissioning and Materials Market Director, SUEZ

Your challenges

Ensuring safety, maximizing the efficiency of your sites’ deconstruction and the environmental performance of your projects

As the environmental transition gathers pace, building and civil works enterprises find themselves at the heart of the circular economy.

Today, these enterprises have the opportunity to drive real change, to develop projects that have a low carbon and environmental impact in the deconstruction and remediation of buildings.

The goal is to move towards a virtuous model, by recommending the sustainable management of resources, from building materials, building operation and the waste produced by deconstruction, remediation and dismantling projects. Deconstruction requires shifting from a waste-based to a resource-based vision across the entire value chain of waste flows.

Recycling, reusing and recovering waste, materials, rubble and soil in an efficient way requires a more collaborative forward-planning approach between all worksite and reconversion project stakeholders.

To ensure polluted soils can be reused safely, depollution and remediation must be effectively controlled and managed.
billion tonnes
of raw materials are consumed by the construction industry worldwide every year
is the target for the recovery of construction and deconstruction waste set by the European Union for 2020
> 90
of the materials from deconstruction sites can be re-used, recycled or recovered
Our answers

Prepare for deconstruction, recover materials, and provide optimal traceability

SUEZ develop a holistic vision for all sites, guaranteeing safety, regulatory compliance, control of nuisances and the traceability, recovery and reuse of waste and materials.

Thanks to its industrial expertise, worldwide presence and comprehensive approach, SUEZ is your partner for the resource management strategy of your decommissioning, remediation and reconversion projects.

The batiRIM® solution, based on the first ever digital RIM® (Resource Information Modelling) tool, quantifies, qualifies and maps the flows of products and materials from buildings being renovated, redeveloped or deconstructed and assesses their potential for reuse and recycling before the works even start. A genuinely unique approach to building deconstruction!
Building interior structure

Control pollution and reduce environmental impact

Our solutions allow you to ensure safe decontamination through industrial cleaning, manage and dispose of complex and hazardous waste, decontaminate soil and water tables and ensure safe reuse of soil decontamination in situ.
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Maximize the value of end-of-life assets

We offer solutions to recycle metal and glass, produce secondary raw materials, recover polluted soils and hazardous waste, and transform waste into alternative fuels.
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Abandoned factory

Improve your site operational efficiency

We implement digital waste tracking systems to help you monitor waste in real time. We also optimize logistics by grouping materials delivery and waste collection.
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