Spare parts and refurbishement

The sustainability of industrial water treatment facilities depends on the quality of maintenance, refurbishment and even replacement. SUEZ offers a wide range of spare parts and associated services to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your water treatment equipment on your production sites.
The service

Services to optimise your water treatment facilities

SUEZ's expertise covers four services designed to offer you a bespoke and quality solution:

  1. Supply and installation of spare parts.
  2. Installation and commissioning of equipment.
  3. Technical support and user training.
  4. Refurbishment of your facilities. 

We can renovate and restore all your treatment facilities. Our services are specifically geared towards the following processes:

  • Settling: replacement of scraper bridges, lamellar modules, refitting of aeration tanks (replacement of air diffusers, turbine aerators, etc.).
  • Filtration: maintenance of open sand filters with replacement or consolidation of concrete floors with composite materials, closed metal filters, repairs to coatings, replacement of filter beds.
  • Demineralisation: replacement of ion and resin exchange systems.
  • Membrane treatments: audit of membrane plants, replacement of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, membrane cleaning.
  • Disinfection by ozone and UV: replacement of lamps, cleaning of dielectrics, restoration of equipment, audit and extension of production.
  • Sludge treatment: restoration or replacement of equipment (bar screens, draining tables, filter presses, etc.).
  • Supply and exchange of spare parts for existing equipment.
By opting for our rehabilitation and spare parts service, you simplify your process: we take care of everything, from advising you on the choice of spare parts to the coordination of the work carried out, including all logistical and service performance aspects. Our international network of teams can be swiftly dispatched to all your production sites. 
You optimise costs and improve the running of your processes thanks to our recommendations, based on our expertise and our experience, working around your budget and providing advice on the best technical/economic solution for your site.

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